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What You Can Expect What You Can Expect

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Order of Worship

A Welcome and Introduction by one of our men will begin our worship service. He will invite any visitors to take a card from the back of the pew and fill it out. This is so we can have a record of your attendance. You can put the card in the collection plate when it is passed.

Announcements will then be made pertaining to upcoming events.

Singing will follow the welcome. One of our song leaders will direct us in congregational singing. You will notice we will sing A Cappella, meaning we do not use instruments. It may interest you to know that A Cappella literally means "as in the churches...". Please feel free to join us in our singing. We try to focus on the words and offer praise from our hearts to God. 

Prayer and Scripture reading will follow after a few songs. Our reading will typically be a verse that pertains to the sermon. Prayer is a tremendous blessing and a vital part of our worship. 

Singing of one or two more songs will follow the prayer.

A lesson of from the Bible will be presented by our minister. He will conclude his lesson by offering an invitation to any who wish to become a Christian or who have some special prayer request from the church.

Singing a song representing this invitation will immediately follow the lesson.

Communion or Lord's Supper will follow the singing. The cracker (bread without yeast) and grape juice (fruit of the vine) were used by Jesus to represent his body and blood the night before he was crucified. He instructs us to use this "supper" or meal to remember his death until he comes again. As the Christians did in the New Testament, we take the Lord's Supper every Sunday. The trays containing the cracker and grape juice will be passed down each pew. You may choose to partake or simply pass the trays along to the next person or to the usher at the end of the pew. 

Collection of the contribution will follow Communion. We do not expect you to give us money. This is an opportunity for our members to "on the first day of the week, lay by in store as God has prospered us".

Singing of one or two more songs will follow the communion.

 A closing prayer will end the worship service. After worship service is concluded, please take a few minutes to meet others and let us get to know you.

We cordially invite you to be a guest at our worship assembly at any time.